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Your guide to planning a birthday party

When comes to planning a birthday party, we could have missed some of the important things if not planned well.

In Makan Chapter, we provide our experienced staff to guide your through to your actual event. You may engage us to look for event venue and as a event caterer for your event. We have a few selection of venues to choose from depending on your budget scale.

Before that, you may want to look into the following tips for your forward planning. Here you go:

1) Number of invited guest: This is important so that you can work out your budget.

2) Venue : Do you have any specific theme or specific location that you must have?

3) Date & Time: Weekdays/Weekend, Peak Hours all these are to take into consideration as dates availability is limited.

4) Caterer: One of the most important part of the event. People will walk away with a smile of food is good and delicious.

Hope this works well for you If you are still in doubt, call/email us today for more details. We look forward in serving you.

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